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Bells are ringing, people are getting completely wasted, and everyone's randy-it must be time for a wedding. Our wedding cards cover everything from engagement to honeymoon and all the (grueling yet sickeningly adorable) hoopla in between. Celebrate their love with justWink!

scroll left scroll right engagedengaged view all
  • Frog-Free! engaged card Frog-Free!
  • meant-to-be engaged card meant-to-be
  • too true engaged card too true
  • Rockstar engaged card Rockstar
  • here it comes... engaged card here it comes...
  • Anticipation... engaged card Anticipation...
  • lingerie engaged card lingerie
  • Wait for it... engaged card Wait for it...
  • truth engaged card truth
scroll left scroll right bachelor & bachelorettebachelors & bachelorettes view all
  • vroom vroom bachelorette card vroom vroom
  • never forget bachelorette card never forget
  • Conditional bachelorette card Conditional
  • long, hard day bachelorette card long, hard day
  • evidence bachelorette card evidence
scroll left scroll right the big daythe big day view all
  • best friends the big day card best friends
  • go you the big day card go you
  • blushing/dashing the big day card blushing/dashing
  • forever starts now the big day card forever starts now
  • nerdly-weds the big day card nerdly-weds
  • 'til death the big day card 'til death
  • Worldly Wish the big day card Worldly Wish
  • cutest couple ever the big day card cutest couple ever
  • tough call the big day card tough call
  • Slide Pride the big day card Slide Pride
  • about to get real the big day card about to get real
  • 1/3 ain't bad the big day card 1/3 ain't bad
  • happily ever after the big day card happily ever after
  • wisdom the big day card wisdom
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