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sh*t got real

Life is like a nervous Chihuahua. It bites when you least expect it (dammitdAWG!!). Divorce, death, loss of a job... Send the perfect cards when bad sh*t happens to the ones you love (plus a few for the good sh*t too!).

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  • sweet dreams card sweet dreams
  • droppin' lbs card droppin' lbs
  • awesomed up! card awesomed up!
  • hangover card hangover
  • better booze card better booze
  • sunshiny card sunshiny
  • and syrup card and syrup
scroll left scroll right bad sh*tbad sh*t view all
  • here for you card here for you
  • S-O-R-R-Y card S-O-R-R-Y
  • you got it card you got it
  • endless hugs card endless hugs
  • silent support card silent support
  • it's suck-day card it's suck-day
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