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feeling pooped

If your recently-babied friends appear with bags under their eyes, are muttering in gibberish, or start snoring during your dinner party, they are the perfect candidates for our dead-on cards for new parents. Show you care.

  • What's Better? pooped card What's Better?
  • Baby Steps pooped card Baby Steps
  • Fight or Flight pooped card Fight or Flight
  • stinky blessings pooped card stinky blessings
  • blissfully tired pooped card blissfully tired
  • baby talk pooped card baby talk
  • hang tough pooped card hang tough

Card Superstars

  • New Girl Ditty yay, new human! card
  • New Boy Ditty yay, new human! card
  • Instructions yay, new human! card
  • Sporked! yay, new human! card
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