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about justWink

Where no card has gone before? We just went there.

* in stores *

* on the web *

* on the go *

justWink = always-awesome cards that will work for every who what and when in your crazy life.

We basically ask ourselves what dream greeting cards we WISH existed so we could send 'em to our people--and then we make those cards, so YOU can send them to your people and make them super-happy. Because we're altruistic like that.

But maybe the best thing about justWink (aside from the perfect cards) is that you can send 'em however you darn please: send 'em the classic & classy way, via Real Mail (from stores or our rad app), or send them via Text Message, Facebook, and Email (from our app or this site). Whatever makes sense for YOU.

Thanks for stopping by to check us out--and remember... when you need the perfect card, whatever the situation, don't stress... justWink!