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Screw Valentine's Day! Our anti-Valentine cards are for all you cupid-bashing haters of romance. Share the love...oops, the ANTI-love...with one of our awesomely pessimistic anti-Valentine's Day Cards.

  • just for yucks card just for yucks
  • yay, ferris wheels! card yay, ferris wheels!
  • drinkin' away valentine's day card drinkin' away
  • VDOD card VDOD
  • Beer is Love card Beer is Love
  • hit single card hit single
  • give a shit card give a shit
  • Good'uns card Good'uns
  • Big Chocolate card Big Chocolate
  • cupid trap card cupid trap
  • priorities card priorities
  • v-day swap card v-day swap
  • sounds fun! card sounds fun!
  • easy love card easy love

Card Superstars

  • French and poofy? valentine's day card
  • drinking buddy valentine's day card
  • wine + friends valentine's day card
  • pals valentine's day card
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