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my bad

Did you FAIL someone? Slightly slight them? Step in it? Punch someone's grandma? Acknowledge your humanity with these I'm Sorry cards and maybe undo some of the damage with style, a smile and a little Wink!

  • Dumb vs. Ass my bad card Dumb vs. Ass
  • miso sorry my bad card miso sorry
  • Slip Up my bad card Slip Up
  • big jerk my bad card big jerk
  • Apologetic Twin my bad card Apologetic Twin
  • F-ail my bad card F-ail
  • goof off my bad card goof off
  • hate to admit my bad card hate to admit
  • Drunkfail my bad card Drunkfail
  • pretty please my bad card pretty please

Card Superstars

  • Cup of Fun life, etc. card
  • A Little Class life, etc. card
  • Star for You life, etc. card
  • Peace Out! life, etc. card
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